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    We do have a good developer, but you are an Awesome Developer, in PHP/MYSQLKalpesh Adhvaryu
    Just tried the script and it worked perfectly :) You're the man, Dan (it even rhymes). Did I mention :) ?Oleg
    I just got a chance to check your script out. It is so awesome, I can't even tell you how blessed I feel to have it on my website.JaDe Rain

Home posted by on September 30, 2012

REAP (Real Estate Automation Project)

The next BIG thing!


After numerous RETS and IDX integrations over the years, and all the custom features and scripts we have written for various Brokers, we noticed the real estate industry is getting farther and farther behind the times…

Why give credit for your hard work to the syndication sites, or even other realtors for that matter?

Reciprocity may be great for exposure overall, but it still puts a listing agent at a disadvantage when it comes to making your own properties stand out.

You are locked into the same look and feel as EVERY other agent…

Its mind numbing for a prospective client to drudge all the listings looking for the right home. They just all look the same.

Our Solution?
You are able to choose a layout that is just right for EACH listing, with just a couple of clicks?

One that says “look at me, I fit!”

Yeah, that might give you an edge over every other agent showing “your” property, because they are all going to be showing the same property in the same template as every other agent…

Now, if that wasn’t cool enough by itself, why not throw in the ability to automatically create marketing flyers that look just like that new layout?

Not just create them but syndicate them (also automatically) to a number of other sites (in your name of course!).

Even create a video, overlay a soundtrack and post it on youtube… you guessed it… AUTOMATICALLY!!!

Any leads generated on the site are ONLY sent to the listing agent… no one else can use this cool new system on any property but their own.

A simple to use prospect management interface will also allow you to quickly send those flyer and links to videos etc to anyone in your list with just a couple of clicks.

And not only is the clients view modern and catchy, the admin panel is just as modern and easy to use!

Already have a feed to one of those other sites?
Well moving to our system will be quick and painless because we probably accept that format!

Don’t have a website?
Just point your domain to our server and we will serve it up as your own!

Contact Us to request more information.

We still do custom programs and backups too!

Are you protecting ALL your data?

The solution is having a comprehensive backup and Disaster Recovery plan in place, having data stored locally as well as in a remote, off-site location, for total piece of mind.

We provide affordable backup and disaster recovery solutions for businesses of any size.
DO NOT let your data become a victim of a hacker or disaster!

Contact us and let us help you provide protection for the most valuable entity in your company – your business data!

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